Cycling Holidays

This is where you’ll find our organized cycling holidays i.e. we take the organization out of your hands. These are packaged holidays including hotel accommodation, breakfast and luggage transfer. We do our utmost to provide a complete array of wonderful ready-made holidays to cover every aspect and part of the Zuiderzee Route. Should you have wishes that don’t appear to be covered by what we have to offer, we’d be very interested to hear about them and only too happy to find a solution for you.

  • Northern Lake IJssel Tour [6-00]

    Northern Lake IJssel Tour [6-00] - 6 Days

    Price: €485,-

    Ride your bike on the loveliest and quietest roads and bike tracks a cyclist could possibly hope for. The historical landscape around the former Zuiderzee, the many old fishing and trading towns on its shor... Read more

  • Around the Markermeer [5-00]

    Around the Markermeer [5-00] - 5 Days

    Price: €380,-

    After completion of the Afsluitdijk, the Zuiderzee was transformed into the IJsselmeer. Thirty years later, further large areas of land were reclaimed. On this tour you will cycle along and through the form... Read more

  • Southern Lake IJssel Tour [7-04]

    Southern Lake IJssel Tour [7-04] - 7 Days

    Price: €590,-

    On this tour you will visit a number of historical harbour towns and villages which were important in the days of the Zuiderzee. Furthermore, you will ride your bike onto the polder where you will be intere... Read more

  • Classic Lake IJssel Tour [8-04]

    Classic Lake IJssel Tour [8-04] - 8 Days

    Price: €685,-

    Most beloved Tour that will show you the great variaty of landscapes, towns and waters in the Netherlands. This route is partly the same as the Zuiderzee Tour. The difference is that this shorter semi Tour ... Read more

  • IJsselmeer Tour with Afsluitdijk [9-01]

    IJsselmeer Tour with Afsluitdijk [9-01] - 9 Days

    Price: €680,-

    For 9 days, you will cycle more than 400 km all the way around Lake IJsselmeer! On the way, take in the beautiful scenery and learn a big lesson in Dutch history. This is a route along the loveliest and qui... Read more

  • Bike & Boat Sail Zuiderzee [8-81]

    Bike & Boat Sail Zuiderzee [8-81] - 8 Days

    Price: €769,-

    Take a trip back in time and discover the Dutch 'Golden Age'. Cycle through flat green polders, along old dikes and through idyllic towns. Daily destinations are to some of the most beautiful ports from the... Read more

  • IJsselmeer Grand Tour [10-00]

    IJsselmeer Grand Tour [10-00] - 10 Days

    Price: €835,-

    Now here’s a challenge for you: Cycle 439 km all the way around Lake IJsselmeer! On the way, take in the beautiful scenery and learn a big lesson in Dutch history. This is a route along the loveliest and ... Read more

  • Around Lake Markermeer [7-09]

    Around Lake Markermeer [7-09] - 7 Days

    Price: €610,-

    Just east of Amsterdam lies Lake Markermeer. This great expanse of water still has a maritime feel to it although it was cut off from the North Sea in 1932. Popular with surfers, sailors and bird watchers, ... Read more

  • Unesco Tour [9-03]

    Unesco Tour [9-03] - 9 Days

    Price: €770,-

    A World Heritage Site is a place (such as a forest, mountain, lake, island, desert, monument, building, complex, or city) that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizati... Read more

  • IJsselmeer sportive Tour [6-24]

    IJsselmeer sportive Tour [6-24] - 6 Days

    Price: €485,-

    Especially for the sportive cyclists among us, we arrange a sportive tour! You will cycle along the shores of this ancient sea. As you ride peacefully on quiet roads and bike lanes, you’ll pass a variety ... Read more